Blue snow

Where the climate is cold enough for year-to-year accumulation, a glacier may form.

About this piece

Landscapes and peaks are a recurring theme in our archive of found photographs. There is something very appealing about montainous landscapes, especially snowy ones.

For this photo, which has the particularity of being traced back to the Alpine Jungfraujoch, we chose to extend the horizon by magnifying the blue hues. It makes the mountain top feel somewhat more accessible, and yet bigger.


Technical details

  • 1 original found coloured postcard
  • White frame, glass, blue mounting board
  • 42.4 x 32.4 x 3.5 cm
  • Handmade in London


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Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 42.4 × 32.4 × 3.5 cm