We’re a London-based contemporary art

and design studio with a focus on found imagery

Found imagery archive collected by Past & Found Studio

Collecting helps us find meaning

We’ve been collecting found images for years from all over the world. They give us a sense of reality, especially nowadays where everything feels filtered and impersonal.

The more digital tools we use, the more we crave for analog objects, especially those with a story.

Building on found material

So we started making unique artworks, inspired by and built on some of the most interesting pieces in our archive.

Each artwork is hand-crafted in our atelier after a thorough process, from concept to production. We use a variety of techniques and materials, from custom-cut acrylic sheets for our mounted prints, all the way to fully framed originals.

Our approach

First, we select one or several images for a new piece, based on patterns, aesthetics or subjects. We always try to keep what brings images together open for interpretation, so that you can elaborate your own.

We then research the best way to present them. Sometimes on their own, or in relation with images we have taken, adding text or some other treatment.

The making isn’t always easy-going, and can require various analog and digital techniques:  photographic glues and solvents, high-resolution scanning, collage and adjustments, hand-cutting mounting boards, adjusting frames, custom-making acrylic sheets…

As we love to give you the opportunity to interpret each finished piece, we tend to keep descriptions of the works to a minimum. That said, we’re always happy to discuss a piece further, so feel free to contact us should you like to know more.